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Unified Communications

  • Enterprise Voice Service
  • EIDD – Premium International Voice Service for Enterprise
  • Through one of the world’s largest communications service providers and the leader of voice service, you can now easily stay connected with your business partners around the globe. Our brand-new and premium IDD service specialized for enterprise offers you:
    • Superior quality on all your international VoIP calls
    • Scalable networks over 190 countries
    • Secured connection to mainland China via CHINA MOBILE’s network
    • Super-competitive call rates
    • Simple and all-day flat rates
    • Proactive Quality Monitoring
    • NOC provide 7x24x365 service
    • Key Monitoring indicator to ensure route qualities:
    • Caller Line Identification (CLI)
    • Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER)
    • Average Length of Call (ALOC)
    • Answered Seizure Ratio (ASR)

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