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MPLS VPN | Global Coverage

MPLS VPN | Class of Service (CoS)

  • Guarantee bandwidth and SLA for different classes and applications
  • For any exceeded traffic except Voice (>contract BW), transmitted in best effort queue whenever idle subscribed bandwidth
Class of Service

MPLS VPN | Features and Advantages

  • IP VPN built in compliance with industry standards BGP/MPLS IP VPN—IETF RFC 4364
  • 6 Classes of Services (CoS) with guaranteed SLA
  • T1/E1, DS3, STM-1, FE, GE
  • PE-CE Routing support, Static, BGP
  • Supports IPP/DSCP Transparency
  • IP MTU 1500, up to 4470 bytes
  • Optional managed service
  • Mesh Network
  • Global Coverage
  • High Reliability
  • Network Security
  • High Flexibility
  • Cost Saving
  • QoS Support
  • SLA Guarantee
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