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Our Mission

IT Consulting Made Simple

With over 25 years of IT/Telecom Experience combined, SimpleTel recognized the evolution of its Clients along with their complex and ever-changing needs. The key is being a one-stop-shop, your single point of contact for all your communications requirements; we can be your extended IT team by having suppliers compete for your business not the other way around!

SimpleTel offers an outside-the-box service where you can expect an end-to-end tailored solution encompassing all our suite of services (Telephony, Voice and Mobility, Internet data and networking, Cloud Services, Hardware, Managed Services and Professional Services). We’ve got your back by KEEPING IT SIMPLE!

We ensure that we maximize the customers’ investments by choosing solutions that best fit their needs. Before we recommend any product or service, we assess what would best suit their environment by doing a thorough analysis. Think of us as your brainstorming team freeing up space for your employees to concentrate on what can make your business more successful and let us do all the tedious work. We are extremely passionate at what we do, and our customers are the engine that keeps moving us forward.

At SimpleTel, we recognize that a larger business is not necessarily your competition. If the competition is larger they will have a lot of advantages that you won’t because of their scale and size. So, don’t compete on those levels. We recognize that we have a lot of potential to be better and stronger in ways they can’t—by being more nimble and ready to make change and adapt to trends and customer requests along with connecting on a more personal level with customers.

To contact us or to request a quote, simply send us an e-mail at or call us toll-free at 1-800-447-4642.

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